The Advantages of Furniture Re-upholstery in New Haven County CT Feb06


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The Advantages of Furniture Re-upholstery in New Haven County CT

When you think about comfort and coziness, it’s most likely your furniture that comes to mind. There’s nothing better than settling into a favorite chair or comfortable couch at the end of the rough day. However, if your furniture is a little worse for wear or it’s become threadbare, you may think that your only option is to buy something new, which isn’t likely to be as comfortable. However, furniture re-upholstery in New Haven County CT can ensure that you get to keep your high-quality, comfortable items and have them look new.

Still, Have High-quality Pieces

Furniture made in the past is more likely to last. They used solid wood and met high-quality standards. Products now tend to be made with composite and other materials and are only designed to last a year or two. Therefore, if you have high-quality pieces in your home, it’s best to keep them. Of course, they may have cushions that look lumpy or other issues, but these can easily be fixed through the upholstery. As long as the wood frame is intact, the piece can still be as stable as it ever was.

You can also choose between new, modern fabrics or period-specific materials depending on your current décor and desires.


Of course, it is essential to think about the cost of re-upholstering furniture. You can expect to pay about the same amount to reupholster a current piece as you would for a new piece of similar quality. That being said, you may find it hard to purchase a new piece with the same quality workmanship because furniture isn’t designed to withstand the test of time anymore. Most manufacturers use less-expensive materials, which cuts down on price but also quality.

Therefore, if your worn-out couch is still sturdy enough and has a quality frame, it’s likely best to reupholster it. For more information visit Wilson Furniture.

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