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Teeth Whitening in Old Bridge – The Pros and Cons

Teeth whitening is the process of combining a dental bleaching solution, usually a gel, and special LED lighting to activate the solution to increase the effectiveness of the whitening process which results in whiter teeth. This is the professional quality process that a cosmetic dentist provides as opposed to over the counter kits. Dentists may also offer professional grade Teeth Whitening in Old Bridge in a home kit for people who want the custom trays and dental office quality whitening solution for their teeth.

Everyone know that teeth whitening enhances your smile by lightening the teeth up a few levels. However, it is also important to know there are side effects of the process. The following will cover the pros and cons of having your teeth whitened by your dentist.


*   White smile – You will have whiter teeth which means a whiter smile. People will notice you have beautiful, white teeth when you flash that gorgeous smile.

*   Confidence – People who have their teeth whitened are known to exude more confidence in themselves since whiter teeth improve your self-image.

*   Fast – When the whitening is done at your dental office, it is faster than using home kits. It usually takes only 45 minutes to an hour at the dentist’s office to get a good level of whiteness.

*   Safety – Your dentist will be there to supervise and monitor the Teeth Whitening in Old Bridge process.


*   Cost – It costs more to have your teeth whitened at the dentist’s office which is to be expected.

*   Side effects – People with hot and cold tooth sensitivity are not good candidates for this kind of treatment. Teeth whitening can sometimes cause tooth sensitivity. This risk is reduced when you have this done at your dental office.

*   Responsiveness – Not everyone’s teeth will respond well to whitening. It is estimated that about 75-80 percent of patients experience satisfactory results. This may also depend on why your teeth are stained or discolored.

These are the factors everyone should take into consideration before choosing Teeth Whitening in Old Bridge. If you have healthy teeth and your dentist believes you are a good candidate, it is a good idea if you want whiter teeth. Your dentist will perform an examination and evaluate your teeth before any whitening is done. Allied Dental of Old Bridge provides Cosmetic Dentistry as well as general and emergency dental care for local patients.