Technology Improving Manhattan New Condos for Sale

Manhattan new condos for sale are not all created equal. In fact a rise in the demand for technology as part of our everyday lives has made the competition in the luxury condo game look for new ways to entice the elite away from the everyday and into the future.

Finger Tip Service
New technology provides conveniences never offered before. However, only the elite know just how far it has come in providing beyond the essentials of communication and into the world of indulgence and pampering. Even the most basic technology provides homeowners the opportunity with simple options such as home security and temperature control. Home owners can make adjustments to everything from lighting to heating from panels conveniently located throughout the home and can also be adjusted from anywhere in the world from a smart phone.

Comforts of Home
Advances in technology have brought state of the art options to the luxury condos and townhouses of Manhattan and this is making it to the must have lists of many real estate clients. These integrated systems can handle all of a home owner’s needs from a single touch pad. The touch pads can be located in a single location or throughout the home for the ultimate in ease of use from any room. Whole home systems installed in the Manhattan new condos for sale provide all the comforts of home allowing operation of any heating/cooling, security, lighting or even home entertainment systems located anywhere in the home. Systems can include:

1. A single button to shut the system on/off from the entry
2. Individual room temperature settings from one keypad
3. Pre-programmable temperature settings for scheduled times
4. Rechargeable WiFi panel that can be used anywhere in the house with docking system
5. Lighting adjustment for all rooms anywhere in the house

Home Entertainment
Home owners can use these whole home systems such as Crestron to operate their home theatre systems as well. Home owners can access thousands of hours of music, their favorite television shows and movies and view or listen to them on their state of the art home theatre and music systems. The highest quality screens, sound systems and controls make accessing and enjoying these cutting edge entertainment units a breeze from any room in the house.

Manhattan new condos for sale cannot just be beautiful. They also have to be smart.

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