The tasks of a commercial real estate attorney

by | Feb 3, 2015 | Lawyer

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A Flagstaff real estate attorney can either focus on residential transactions or more complex commercial work. For those who deal with commercial real estate they may have among their client’s developers, property owners, leasing agents, lenders, etc. The bulk of the work involves contract disputes, zoning issues and property litigation.

An extremely important role that a Flagstaff real estate lawyer provides to his or her clients is to offer in-depth advice for all their property transactions. In some cases a client may want advice on whether a piece of land being considered is suitable for development. The real estate attorney will provide the client with invaluable insight on all applicable regional construction laws, jurisdictional law and provide the results of research into unpaid taxes for example and provide assistance and support at the closing in the event the client decides to push through with the acquisition of the property.

Another important task of a real estate attorney important task of a real estate attorney is to investigate the title of the property, making sure that it is clear and not encumbered with a lien or other financial instrument. After conducting a thorough search of the title the attorney can pass the necessary documentation to the insurance company.

Some commercial real estate attorneys limit their practice to mortgages and foreclosures. In many cases a mortgage company will engage a real estate attorney when a mortgage has to be settled. In cases like this the lawyer will communicate with the borrower advising the situation of a loan that is in default, do all the necessary follow-up on overdue accounts and file judgments with the local court system.

A real estate attorney may also be called upon to represent a client in litigation. It may be that the client is a major property developer and he is being sued by investors or perhaps it may be a landlord of a rental property that is being sued over a rental agreement by a tenant of the building. It is up to the attorney to handle any and all legal complaints and provide any documentation that has been requested. If the case cannot be solved amicably out of court the attorney will appear and plead the case on behalf of the client in front of a judge or jury.

As real estate law is very fluid the attorneys at Freeman Huber Law continue to update themselves on current laws and regulations as they apply to commercial real estate.

A seasoned Flagstaff real estate attorney will have extensive expertise in all aspects of commercial real estate transactions including the conduct of due diligence, negotiations and full documentation. If you are involved in a commercial real estate project you are invited to contact Freeman Huber Law PLLC.

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