Talking to Dentists in Pine Mountain, GA About Anxiety at Appointments May06


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Talking to Dentists in Pine Mountain, GA About Anxiety at Appointments

For some, the thought of going to the dentist, for even a routine teeth cleaning, creates anxiety and concern. This is often the result of a bad experience in the past or even overhearing another person’s traumatic story. In order to decrease the level of stress that comes with an appointment, it is important that patients talk to their Dentists In Pine Mountain, GA about the worry and anxiety in order to best deal with it. The only way the anxiety will go away is to establish a comfortable working relationship with a caring dentist.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mention the Concern Right Away

The first appointment with a new dentist often involves an introduction between the new patient and the practitioner. While this conversation often revolves around oral issues that a patient is currently dealing with, it is a great opportunity to bring up dental anxiety. It lets the dentist know from the very beginning that a patient may not be completely comfortable in the dental chair. This gives the dentist an opportunity to proceed carefully as the oral exam begins.

Speak Up During the Appointment

Many dental patients are worried about speaking up in the middle of the appointment. Even if they feel uncomfortable or a portion of the procedure becomes painful, they sit back and attempt to just suffer through the moment. Unfortunately, this doesn’t do the patient or the dentist any good. If possible, patients should be sure to mention that something doesn’t feel right or that they need a moment before continuing. This alerts the dentist that something isn’t right and creates an opportunity for conversation.

Most dentists are very understanding of patients that have worries or fears about coming in for an appointment. In most cases, this isn’t the first time the dentist has been told by a patient that an appointment causes stress or anxiety. This makes Dentists in Pine Mountain, GA more compassionate when it comes to the plight of patients.

Are you searching for a new dentist that is compassionate and understanding when it comes to dental anxiety? Visit the website for more information about a local practice that seeks to reach out to patients in need of assistance.