Take Your Marble Countertops To A New Level With Stone Color Enhancer

by | Feb 18, 2015 | Construction & Maintanance

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You may have noticed that some marble, limestone and other types of unpolished surfaces such as terra cotta, brick and even concrete have a richer, darker and almost wet look to them that is very different than the original look of the stone or surface. This look is accomplished by using a stone color enhancer, which is also doubles as a sealer.

The Uses of Stone Color Enhancing Sealer

Using a stone color enhancer is a popular option for countertops and cooking surfaces as well as on floors, patios and even for bathroom floors and fixtures. The resulting surface appearance, which is darker in color, is not shiny or waxy but rather warm and inviting.

Using stone color-enhancing sealer is a great option for providing protection to marble and stone surfaces. It provides a natural barrier that helps with grease, oil and water resistance as well as reduces the chance of staining even with problematic liquids like fruit juices, red wine, coffee or tea.

How to Use Stone Color Enhancer

MB Stone Care sells a product that is very simple to use on your own. You don’t need special equipment to use the product. All you have to do is wash the surface with water and your normal cleaning products. Dry completely and then, using rubber gloves and a paintbrush or clean, lint free cloth to apply a thin coat of stone color enhancing sealer to a small area of the stone.

Leave the product for about 15 minutes, keeping the surface wet if it starts to dry. Then, simply use paper towels or soft cloths to dry and buff the surface until it is completely dry to the touch.

Ideally use at least 2 coats of MB Stone Care color enhancer on the surface. The result will be a very lustrous and deep color to your marble and stone surfaces that will provide both beauty and protection.

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