Take Dental Care to a New Level With a Spa-Like Ambiance Aug13


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Take Dental Care to a New Level With a Spa-Like Ambiance

Whether you go for a routine cleaning and x-rays or are in need of emergency dental services, a visit to the dentist may not be your idea of a fun outing. You are not alone!

Many people delay going to the dentist as long as they can. By the time they arrive for the dental appointment, the tooth (or teeth) may require more extensive repair than would have initially been necessary.

Cause of Tooth or Gum Pain

If hot or cold foods and beverages trigger lingering pain, you may be experiencing deep pulp decay. This can also be caused by some kind of trauma that causes extreme sensitivity. A root canal may be needed to help rid you of mouth pain.

Tooth decay, a cracked tooth, or a loose filling can cause sharp pain, often coming on while you are eating. The dentist will recommend either a filling or root canal to eliminate this dental discomfort.

Grinding your teeth at night can cause a condition called bruxism. The symptoms will be a feeling of pressure or an ache in the upper jaw. Your dentist will discuss the various methods of treatment with you during an office visit.

If a cavity is neglected for too long, an abscess may occur. Abscessed teeth indicate an infection of the tooth or gums. Severe pain with swelling will necessitate a dental evaluation to discuss the best mode of treatment.

If you live in the Chicago area, visit an emergency dentist in Bloomingdale to find relief from any type of dental pain or trauma.

Discover Dental Care With a Special Touch

For routine dental care and maintenance or for treatment of dental pain, you have a new option. Have your teeth cleaned, x-rayed and repaired in the comfort of a spa setting. Gentle, relaxing music in a spa-type atmosphere can be the setting for all your dental care.

An emergency dentist in Bloomingdale doesn’t have to be in a clinical setting. Go to one with a relaxing, spa-like setting.

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