T Shirt Transfers Affordable to Create your Business Uniforms

by | Jan 15, 2014 | Printing

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If you have a business where employees are dealing with the public having a uniform can really give your team a professional appearance. There are many businesses that may not have given any thought to uniforms due to cost. However t shirt transfers allow you to create a professional uniform that will help build your brand and keep your staff looking good.

Restaurants and Bars
If you run a restaurant or bar having a fun t-shirt with your logo or a slogan that reflects your views on service or your specialty can really help boost your brand image. You can use t shirt transfers for a simple design that just uses your logo, create a fun t shirt that asks “What can I get you?” or have a slogan design. Either way you will be able to make your staff easier to find for those requiring service as well as help present a more professional look to your team. You can also consider having aprons printed for change and order pads, etc.

Service Teams
If you have a service team out on the road your customers will appreciate seeing a familiar logo on a t shirt when they look to see who is ringing their doorbell. A uniform is easily created using t shirt transfers and you can help create a sense of consistency as well as help keep your team identifiable when calling at people’s homes.

Trade Shows and Conferences
If your team will be out at a trade show t shirt transfers are perfect to create a cohesive look at your booth. Especially at trade shows where everyone is in suits, having a t shirt uniform will make your reps easy to spot at your booth when things get busy. It will also create a presence when your reps are out and about at the show to raise awareness your team is participating.

If you have your own shop, especially a larger showroom such as a pool company, hardware store or unpainted furniture gallery, t shirt transfers can create an easy to spot sales person for your customers. It just takes your company logo to create the artwork and help create a sense of service for your clients making it easier for them to find help when they need it.

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