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Sushi Restaurants in Tampa, FL Follow Certain Rules of Etiquette

One of the nice things about living in Tampa is the fact that you have easy access to seafood restaurants. To make the seafood all the more diverse and exotic, some Floridian restaurants feature sushi as their main course. While the “fish” dish is associated with Japanese dining, it is one seafood selection that is considered Floridian too. You cannot help but like the delicacy, especially if you drop in at one of the elegant sushi restaurants in Tampa, FL. Not only is the entrée an indulgence, it is also healthy to consume.

Sushi Bar Etiquette

Packed with good fat such as Omega-3, sushi made of tuna or salmon is a well-like specialty in many of the sushi restaurants in Tampa, FL and other areas of the “Sunshine” state. Japanese food in Florida and sushi, in particular, has evolved to the point that the dish commands a certain eating style. If you visit a sushi restaurant or bar then, you need to pay attention to the etiquette.

Rules for Chopsticks

For example, you have to follow a certain process when you visit one of the sushi restaurants or bars with respect to the handling of chopsticks. Should you choose to eat with chopsticks then, you never want to be so gauche as to use the eating utensils to pass sushi to the chopsticks of another diner. This kind of process, at least in Japan, is reserved only for the handling of cremated bones. Therefore, you really do not want to make this kind of faux pas.

Eating Soup – A Whole New Process

While soup spoons are made for enjoying soup in most U.S. restaurants, you can forgo the eating conveyance in sushi restaurants. When it comes to consuming soup, merely lift the bowl to your mouth before utilizing the chopsticks to eat the solids in the concoction. If you do slurp, only do so if the soup contains noodles. However, in Florida, it might be better to forget slurping altogether.

For a palate refresher, try eating pickled ginger. This food is not considered a salad. Because the taste of ginger can be quite distinctive and strong, it should only be eaten in small bites when you are not sampling the sushi.

When using sauces on sushi, remember not to immerse the fish. Your goal is to only add a touch of flavor, not try to flood the meal and leave a pool of sauce. Doing so will signal to the chef that you are not only wasteful but insulting too.

Also, only add sauce to the fish and not the rice. You should also while dining, try to eat all the sushi you ordered as leaving any sushi on your plate is considered wasteful and ill-mannered. Keep that in mind if you happen to visit an establishment like Jackson’s Bistro in Tampa.

Jackson’s Bistro is one of the most popular sushi restaurants in Tampa, FL. For more information visit us online!

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