Suggestions to Perform a Car Detail in Baltimore

by | Dec 29, 2014 | Auto

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A Car Detail in Baltimore surpasses the usual wash and wax you get at a drive-through car wash. This level of care for your vehicle can include care for your car’s paint, chassis, wheels, headlights, taillights, exterior trim, and interior. Car detailing improves the health of your car’s paint along with your car’s lighting ability, interior condition, and resistance to road salt. If you will be detailing your car yourself, use the following tips to perform this job.

There are a variety of tools and equipment to purchase for car detailing. Some of these are for convenience while others are a necessity. The following is a list of basic instruments to use when performing a basic car detail:

  • Canned Air
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Clean brushes such as toothbrushes and paint brushes
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Cotton swabs
  • Window cleaner
  • Hand towels in various sizes
  • Spray bottle filled with water
  • Cleaner for exterior detailing

To start your car detail, work on the inside of the car. You can perform a flawless exterior job and mess it up by leaning on the car. Vacuum the carpet of your car thoroughly. To remove stains on carpets and floor mats, spray the stains with carpet cleaner. Let this sit for about ten minutes. Use a stiff brush to scrub out stains on the carpets and floor mats. Next, spray these areas with water. Scrub these areas once again. Use as little water as possible to prevent mildew. Carefully vacuum the seats. Remove stains where necessary. Ensure that you also detail the car’s door jambs, door interiors, windows, steering wheel column, dashboard, and center column. If you have to use another cleaner for any of these parts, follow the instructions on the label.

Next, clean the exterior of your car. Start with the wheels. Use an appropriate cleaner and hand towel to clean the body of the car. Ensure that you properly rinse it off. If you want, apply a wax coating to protect the paint of your car.

You can expand the detailing of your car to include intricate cleaning. For more information on car detail services, please visit a detail shop like Visit Diamond Detail Inc. This car detail shop can handle different levels of detail service for cars.

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