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Successful E-commerce Sites: The Essential Ingredient

An entrepreneur learns about the benefits of ecommerce and decides to create his own website so he can start selling products. He starts by setting up a website and aks his “techie” friend to do some tweaks to a free template he downloaded online. He buys the items he plans to sell and launches his website. Now that the website is live, he prepares himself for the oncoming rain of profits. However, months pass and there is not even a single sale. The only people who visit his site are himself, his family, and a few sympathetic friends. What did he miss?

The Missing Element of Success

Tragic as it may sound, eighty percent of ecommerce sites fail but because of lack of knowledge and pre-launch research. However, many online shops do find success and their owners do eventually achieve financial security. Where lies the difference between success and failure? The difference is ecommerce SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The simplest way to explain it is that SEO is how website owners make their pages attractive to search engines so their sites appear higher in the search result. Ecommerce SEO is optimized for ecommerce sites.

How Ecommerce SEO Contributes to Success

Any online shop is bound to fail when no one knows it exists. In the real world, the most important factor is location. On the Internet, the most important factors are popularity and search visibility. Potential shoppers should be able to find the website first before they can buy from it. For this, they rely on search engines. Sure, a website owner can market his site on Facebook, but that would be limited to his Facebook community. To make an online shop succeed, he needs ecommerce SEO & marketing.

If a website does not appear on the first page in search engine results, then it has almost zero chance of being visited. The more visitors an e-commerce site has, the more chance that someone will buy from it. Having a constant number of visitors every day from search engines means constant sales.

Success Is Within Reach

Of course, there are other elements that come into play to make an ecommerce site successful. One of them is website design. An online shop that’s pleasing to the eyes will generate more sales than those that are poorly designed. Who would want to browse in a shop that makes you squint when looking at it? Since website design is an important factor for ecommerce success, website owners would do well in getting companies like 1Digital Agency to make their websites more user-friendly and optimized for SEO.