Strategies for Maintaining the System After Installation by Air Conditioning Contractors

Most homeowners in the Phoenix area have central air conditioning, although some residents living in older houses still rely on room air conditioners. When they finally decide to hire Air Conditioning Contractors to install a central air system, the property owners are relieved at being able to have climate control throughout the building. To keep the system functioning efficiently, it’s important to employ some routine maintenance strategies.

Trimming Plants Around the Unit

After system installation by Air Conditioning Contractors, the property owners should routinely trim plants growing around the unit. The condenser needs adequate space to avoid overheating and continue working efficiently. In addition, plants growing over the top of the unit can drop organic debris into the machine, and that should be avoided as much as possible.

Shading the Equipment From Sun

Shading the exterior unit is a smart idea if hot sun beats down on it for much of the day. Again, however, anything used to provide shade must be far enough away to not block air flow. Technicians who work on air conditioners can provide details about how far away to place a fence, for example.

Changing the Air Filter

Changing the air filter as directed also keeps the equipment functioning efficiently and extends its lifespan as well. Filters that are full of dirt and hair make the machine work harder to move air. Pleated air filters should be used instead of the very cheap, flat fiberglass options.

Scheduling Annual Service

An important maintenance strategy is to have a technician from a company such as Brothers AZ perform service on the system every year. The technician cleans the exterior unit and removes any debris like leaves and evergreen needles that fell inside over the past months.

The equipment is thoroughly inspected and adjusted if necessary. This includes the air handler inside the home. Worn components can be replaced during this appointment to prevent breakdowns and increase energy efficiency. Most customers have the furnace serviced during the same appointment since the air conditioner and furnace use the same air handler and ducts. Information on this particular organization can be viewed at You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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