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Steps for Safely Cleaning the Scene of a Suicide in Sacramento

Working for a hazmat team can often include cleaning scenes that you don’t want to imagine. One of the scenes that you’ll likely come across is a suicide. While you try to provide the emotional support that the family of the victim needs, you’ll also have to know how to properly clean the scene so that there is a decreased risk of health hazards being spread to other people. The following are a few ways that you can protect yourself and those around you while ensuring that the scene is cleaned in the best manner.

Proper Gear
While participating in a suicide cleanup in Sacramento, CA, you’ll need to wear the proper gear to protect your clothes and skin and to prevent contamination to other areas. A full-length suit that covers your body from head to toe can be worn while cleaning. You should also wear gloves, goggles, and a mask over your nose and mouth.

There are bags that are often used for removing fluids and other components from the scene. During a suicide cleanup in Sacramento, CA, you want to make sure the bags are properly sealed and placed in the proper containers before they are removed. Only use bags that are clearly marked with a biohazard symbol.

After all of the components and the victim are removed from the scene, you can begin using sanitizers and other cleaners to remove fluids from surfaces. The cleaning product that you’ll likely use is a broad spectrum fluid that can kill a range of bacteria.

Contact 911 Hazmat Cleanup at Website for more information about what to expect during the cleaning process after a suicide.

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