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Stay Safe With Home Monitoring In Cape Girardeau MO

Even in the nicest neighborhoods, a homeowner should consider Home Monitoring Cape Girardeau MO. An entire home can be protected against burglary, fire, intruders, and provide a way for a homeowner to know what is going on in their house 24 hours a day. A home monitoring system can include:

  • Access Control Systems
  • Article Surveillance Systems
  • Camera Installation
  • Carbon Monoxide Systems
  • Card Access Systems
  • Closed-Circuit Television Systems
  • Digital Video Recorders
  • Burglar And Hold-Up
  • Fire And Medical
  • Infant/Child Protection
  • Intercoms
  • IP Network Surveillance
  • Patient Wandering Protection Systems
  • Security Systems

Away From Home

Just because a homeowner is not at home does not mean they cannot quickly find out. When the monitoring system is connected to the internet, a homeowner can monitor their entire home from the road. If a window is opened or the sump pump stops working, a homeowner will know within seconds with a quality monitoring system.

Who Can Install A Home Monitoring System?

An experienced electrical company like Bates Electric Inc has trained technicians who can install an entire home monitoring system. If the homeowner only wants specific areas of the home monitored, the technician will work closely with a homeowner to monitor the areas that are important. In addition to cameras or windows and door protection, a homeowner can also have emergency lighting installed inside or outside of their home and monthly inspections for any inoperative equipment.

Other Services An Electrical Company Can Provide?

An electrical company can install Home Monitoring Cape Girardeau MO and provide lighting design and services including:

  • Ballast Replacement
  • Critical Power Branch Circuit Distribution
  • Field Lighting
  • Fixture Conversion And Repair
  • Interior Lighting
  • Light Lifts
  • Lighting Audit And Retrofit
  • Lighting Controls
  • Marine Lighting
  • And much more.

Industrial Services

Bates Electric can also provide a variety of industrial services including conveyor systems, cranes, hoists, demolition, electrical schematics, and all automation and conveyor systems. Manufacturing and industrial companies will receive outstanding services.

If you are interested in having electrical work performed by highly trained technicians in your home or business, now is the time to contact an experienced electrical company. Bates Electric has been in business for many years and will work closely with you to provide the services you require.

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