Spotting a Fantastic Real Estate Management Company

In the search for a real estate management San Antonio company, property owners can narrow down their search by finding out some basic information.  Rental property management is a growing field that leaves room for property owners to shop around and make a decision based on which company best meets their needs.  The most important way to ensure you are hiring a fantastic real estate manager is to find out where the company you are considering stacks up on the following questions.

How many properties and how many employees?
The first question to ask of a potential real estate management company is how many properties they are currently managing.  As a follow-up question, be sure to ask how many property managers the company employs.  If a company is managing several properties with a small staff, consider that the staff may be spread too thin over the properties, causing oversights and delays that may prove to be problematic down the road.  Seek out a company that is successful, both in the amount of properties they manage and in the amount of individual property managers they are able to employ.

Do they own rental properties of their own?
It goes without saying that it is beneficial to allow someone who owns properties of their own to manage your rental property.  An individual who understands the investment of owning a rental property is more likely to work hard to ensure your success as a property owner.

How do they handle tenant maintenance requests?
The standard arrangement between a property owner and a rental manager is that, up to a certain dollar amount, the property manager may authorize repairs or services to the property.  It is a good idea to be sure that, past a certain amount, the rental manager must obtain your permission to move forward with necessary repairs.  As the property owner, you are typically responsible for paying all bills associated with a repair or service call.  Because of this, it is important to make sure that, for larger repair bills, you are made an active part of the decision making process.

Real Property Management Alamo is a rental management company designed with the property owner in mind.  We strive to provide thorough, fair, round-the-clock service and value, keeping an open line of communication with our clients at all times.  Go to website for more information about the professional real estate management services we provide.