Special Vehicle Collision Repair in Sulphur, LA Jan10


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Special Vehicle Collision Repair in Sulphur, LA

If you’re in an accident while driving, your vehicle is likely to need repairs. A collision often leaves your vehicle’s body with dents and scratches; plus, parts such as the bumper, axle, and front grill can be damaged. When it comes to standard vehicles, you’ll find a number of collision repair shops willing to do the necessary repairs. However, if you’re driving an 18-wheeler, utility truck, dump truck, or other special vehicle, you may have a harder time finding someone to do the work. Here are some of the unique repairs these types of vehicles need.


Most people assume that these large trucks will roll away from any collision with very little damage, but that’s not always true. When your 18-wheeler is in need of collision repair in Sulphur, LA, the damage is often to key parts of the vehicle that aren’t readily apparent. You’ll need someone who understands the connection between truck and trailer, including the hitch and the electrical system.

Dump Trucks

If you hit someone head-on with your dump truck, the damage may not be too bad and you may only need basic collision repair. However, if someone hits you from behind or you back into something, it could damage the hydraulic lift system in your vehicle. This is a specialty system that is going to require trained experts to repair or even replace it.

Mixer Trucks

Another type of vehicle that will need special Sulphur collision repair services is a mixer truck. These vehicles have a large rotating tank on the back that slowly mixes concrete as the truck travels. A collision can damage that tank, requiring additional repairs.


RVs can also easily have damage above and beyond traditional vehicles. Their water or gas tanks may be damaged. Some have a section that slides out to create a larger interior, but the struts and supports can be damaged from a collision.

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