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Speak with a Counselor Today and Earn a Certificate in Computer Repair

Are you trying to decide what type of career path to take? Do you already work in the field you always wanted, but are looking for a way to enhance your skills? You can make yourself rise above others in the workforce when you gain the knowledge and skills you need when you computer repair programs in Los Angeles. Discover how you can become a help desk technician or technical support specialist when you receive a certification at an accredited college backed by a certified agency. You can help meet the demand in the computer networking field around the world when you receive the proper training. You can learn cutting-edge information and technology to have a career working in the IT field.

The Job Description of a Help Desk Technician

As a help desk technician, you would assist people with their everyday use of computers. You will be trained how to troubleshoot both software and hardware problems, along with maintenance and installation. When people are experiencing problems with the operation of one or more computers you will answer the phone as the first level of support to help with the operating systems. You also can remote access the customer’s computers with diagnostic tools to help find the problem they are having. You will determine how to troubleshoot the problem depending on how the user responds to a series of questions.

A Technical Support Specialist Provides Assistance to Network and Computer Users

Technical support specialist will provide direct assistance to the network of users and their computers, targeting specific software and hardware packages. You will provide the same services as a help desk technician with a more technical approach. Tech support usually travels to the location to directly work on the equipment and help the user. You can work as a private contractor or work with a company that provides these services to their customers.

Contact an Accredited College to Discover How to Enroll and Earn Certification

You can search online to find a reputable university in your area that can provide you with the knowledge and skills to retain a certification in computer repair. If you require financial assistance speak with an advisor about the financial aid they have to offer their students. You can work with instructors that will help you develop the abilities you require to be successful in your new field. Once you have completed the courses the college will also assist you in finding a new job.

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