Sowing the Seeds of Faith

by | Feb 28, 2014 | Religion

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Bishop Jordan wants to help you sow the seeds of faith. It is easy to feel lost in a world that may seem filled only with hardship and sorrow. However those with faith see the beauty of the world and more than anything they help to make the world a more beautiful place. With faith you can learn how to plant seeds in your garden, nurture them and watch them grow into a sight that is lovely and full of joy.

Belief Waters your Garden

When you use faith to plant the seeds of your garden belief in God is what will water it and help it grow. When you believe in God your life will begin to flourish and your faith will begin to grow. Belief builds strong roots for your faith so that even the strongest winds and darkest skies will never be able to tear them from the soil. With strong roots in faith you will see life with bright eyes and joy in your heart certain that goodness is coming to you because of God’s love. When your faith is pure you will always feel God’s love and it will never falter.

Your Garden in Bloom

You will allow people to see your faith as your garden blooms. Your kindness, charity and love will be obvious to all you meet as you will always have the light of God’s love shining brightly. The beauty of God’s love will allow you to provide hope and kindness to others spreading the joy of God’s love like seeds on the wind. As the bible says you can take the smallest of seeds and plant them in your garden. Once it grows the branches will provide homes for the birds. God’s love provides a safe home and will keep us fed as long as we have faith.

Bishop Jordan can help shine a light on your garden and provide the nurturing you need to help it grow. Through personal prophecy you will learn how to take care of your faith and how to become closer to God. Understanding the path God intended for you will allow you to see your garden in full bloom bringing joy into your heart and the heart of others.

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