What Sort Of People Vacation In Luxury Caribbean Villas?

by | Feb 27, 2014 | Travel and Vacations

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The quick answer to this is that anyone who can afford the sort of vacation where you stay the night in some sort of paid for accommodation could well be a candidate for vacationing in Luxury Caribbean Villas. Luxury is relative and it does imply a higher cost; but, a cost that is higher than what? Many people do not think twice about choosing a luxury hotel over a motel when selecting where to sleep on their vacation. A villa is only another name for a house that has its own garden and, in the travel industry, the villa description is applied to a house that you can rent and live in short term while on vacation; the point being that you get the whole place rather than just one room in a one hundred plus room hotel.

Cost Comparisons

A week in a luxury villa need not cost any more than a week in a luxury hotel or resort; but, what about the cost of getting there? Again, this is relative; if we take the case of villas on Tortola Island in the British Virgin Islands group; the travel cost for someone living in New York may be similar to the cost for that same person to go to LA and vacation in Disneyland. In my opinion, you do not need to rich or famous in order to consider Luxury Caribbean Villas for next vacation.

What To Expect

I think most of us know what to expect by way of blue skies, azure seas, sandy beaches, exotic flowers and scenery; should we choose to vacation on a Caribbean island and the British Virgin Islands Tortola Island is certainly no exception (in fact, many claim it to be one of the best). So, what about the Luxury Caribbean Villas themselves?

First off, they must be located within their own, fully landscaped gardens which are probably best located away from the beachside; close to but with enough elevation to separate you from other beach goers and give you fine views out over the sea (preferably a bay and preferably with a westerly facing view for the tropical sunsets). Luxury Caribbean Villas should front a private road that gives easy access to the rest of Tortola’s many and varied attractions.

Outside the Luxury Caribbean Villas, there will be a swimming pool, probably an outdoor Jacuzzi, a sundeck and sitting terrace with an adjacent bar and barbeque pit. The indoors will be spacious with at least 2 master sized bedrooms with en-suite facilities, good closets and other bedroom furniture plus a ready to watch TV. The kitchen will be fitted out for anything from plain to exotic cookery with plates & utensils to match; living areas will have state of the art entertainment systems (with extension speakers to the main outdoor areas). Basically, this is the least that you should expect.

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