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Some of the Different Types of Abrasives Available for Commercial Use

Commercial abrasives made and supplied by most any abrasives supplier run the gamut in types and forms. When you need a commercial abrasive product, do you know exactly what to ask for? Here are some of the more common abrasives offered by an abrasives supplier in Minneapolis, MN.

Deburring Wheels

Deburring wheels are made to remove the roughest edges on virtually anything metal. This reduces the possibility of jaggedness and catching on to other objects. It also removes the potential for cutting flesh accidentally because the edges are smoother and not likely to catch on flesh and pull.

Grinding Wheels

As the name suggests, these wheel abrasives grind. They can be used to grind things down to a nub or just grind to a refined edge. In some cases, they can be used to sand down surfaces to make all surfaces equally smooth or of the same size. Differently sized wheels are used for different sized objects.

Finishing Wheels

Finishing wheels round out objects and prepare them to be finished with a coating or just complete them as-is. These wheels are quite different from polishing wheels, although you might confuse them. It helps to know what you are attempting to do with a project before you determine whether you need a finishing wheel or a polishing wheel.

Polishing Wheels

Polishing wheels are a type of finishing wheel, except that all they do is polish metal to a shine. Their abrasiveness is relatively softer than a finishing wheel in order to get that shine you are after.

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