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Some Facts About Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Key Largo

One of the best ways to spice up a trip to Florida is to go scuba diving in Key Largo. There are dives available for all skill levels that will allow you to have fun and see what’s under all of that ocean water.

Some dive centers focus on beginners and offer classes to get everyone up to speed as well as provide education that can lead to more challenging dives later on. These companies typically offer other underwater activities, such as snorkeling, for those who don’t want to go too far under. They’re good choices for new divers or those with children.

Most Key Largo dive companies focus on tourists, who come from as close as inland Florida and as far as across the world to see the underwater sights. Diving to see the coral reefs is popular, though divers must be careful not to touch the coral. Touching it damages it, and if it’s fire coral, damages whoever makes the mistake of coming into contact with it! Some dive tour patrons report seeing reef or nurse sharks during their dives. Stingrays are also commonly sighted.

Whether patrons choose a snorkel tour or go for full-on scuba Diving in Key Largo, trips usually start with a boat ride out to the operator’s normal location. Whether any particular spot can be reached depends on the weather, so patrons shouldn’t get dead-set on seeing a particular thing. Instead, the general experience of being able to see the undersea landscape and its natural residents should be considered the high point of such trips.

Since tourists are the main customers at Key Largo dives, most companies will provide equipment to rent. The condition of this equipment varies, so would-be guests should try to check it out before buying a ticket. Good companies will have clean, reasonably-new equipment for patrons.

Key Largo’s coral reef is the third largest in the world and the only living one in United States waters. This alone makes a diving trip worthwhile, but choosing the right operator will make it absolutely great. When you get to the Keys, take your time in choosing instead of just stopping at the first place with a sign. You’ll be glad to have all of the elements fall into place!