Small Kitchen Appliance Service Experts in Henderson, NV Delay the Need to Throw Away These Devices

Small kitchen appliances are useful for many tasks their owners don’t know the devices can safely do. However, it’s important not to expect these machines to accomplish tasks that could ruin them or cause the need for repair work. If the need for repair does arrive, the owners can reach out to Small kitchen appliance service experts in Henderson NV.

Small Appliances

Small appliances generally are considered those that are portable and easily lifted. Some dishwashers are portable but are too heavy to pick up easily and put in a vehicle to bring to a repair shop. The same is true for trash compactors. On the other hand, some portable washing machines are considered small appliances. Window air conditioners and microwave ovens qualify as well, even though they may be relatively heavy. The lighter-weight small appliances like toasters and toaster ovens, coffeepots and slow cookers are more obvious examples.

Unusual Uses for Microwave Ovens and Slow Cookers

One task a microwave can help with is getting more juice from a citrus fruit when juicing by hand. Just 10 seconds softens the pulp enough so that nearly all of it will come loose from the rind. A microwave oven also can be used to disinfect sponges and scrubbies so they don’t have to be thrown away.

People who don’t want to buy a portable humidifier can use a slow cooker to add moisture to the room. They only need to pour hot water into the device until it’s about 3/4 full, cover the pot, and run it on high for about 20 minutes. Afterward, removing the lid allows steam to add moisture to the room.

Small Appliance Repair

Often, there’s no need to throw away an appliance that has started to malfunction. Instead, the device can be brought to small kitchen appliance service experts in Henderson NV for repair work. Sometimes, this may seem pointless, such as when the cost of a new device is not that much higher than repair service would be. In other cases, though, a new appliance would cost more than $100 but repair work might only be 1/4 of that amount. Schedule an appointment at the earliest convenience.

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