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Simplified Steps for Filters in an Air Conditioning System in Yukon OK

Pet dander, sneeze debris, smoke, bacteria, pollen, and dust are just a few of the substances indoor air can contain. These substances contaminate indoor air and can compromise the health of household occupants. To sanitize return air, it’s necessary to change the filter of an Air Conditioning System in Yukon OK regularly. The following steps make this task simplified and efficient.

Find the Filter Section

It’s important to find the filter section of the Air Conditioning System in Yukon Ok. Remember that an AC system can use more than one filter so it may be necessary to locate two filter compartments. The filter compartment is typically located at the beginning of the return air duct or the blower section. This enables return air to be treated before the air flows into the AC system.

Remove the Filter

Some filter compartments have an access cover. Remove this cover and fasteners that hold it in place. Put this hardware to the side. Slowly take out the filter and place it in a bag. Suction out the filter compartment with a vacuum or hand-held device. Take the filter outdoors. A filter can be disposable or reusable. The action you take next depends upon the type of filter the AC uses.

Clean a Reusable Filter

Suction off debris from the reusable filter surface. Use a solution of 1 part household cleanser and 9 parts water to clean the filter. It’s a good idea to use a soft sponge to avoid damage. After cleaning the filter, rinse it off with a garden hose. Allow drying completely. Replace the reusable filter into the correct spot.

Chance the Disposable Filter

Use the measurements on the old filter to purchase a new disposable filter. It’s a good idea to write down these measurements for future use. When these dimensions are not visible on the old filter, simply use a tape measure to get the height, width, and length. Place the new filter into the filter compartment.

Using these directions will make it easier to change a filter once a month. It may be necessary to change the filter more often in areas with elevated outdoor pollution levels. To get services for the Air Conditioning System in Yukon OK, please talk to a specialist at Gatlin Heat & Air. This company can handle residential and commercial AC services.

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