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Signs You Should Consider Senior Care for Your Loved One in Orland Park

Everyone ages, and it’s only natural that many tasks become more difficult for individuals as the years go by. It can be frustrating to think about giving up a lot of independence, but there are many options for your assisted living needs. Here are three signs you or someone you love could benefit from senior assistance near Orland Park.


Getting older can put you at risk for all sorts of accidents. If your loved one has experienced falls, car accidents, or other related circumstances, chances are they should no longer spend extended periods of time alone. This is especially true if you don’t have a reliable way of contacting them.

Trouble With General Upkeep

Many elderly individuals struggle to keep up with simple daily tasks. If you visit your loved one and notice stacks of mail, poor personal hygiene, and areas of the home that need some work, they may be struggling to keep up with all of life’s demands. These things can also be an indication of depression, which can occur from isolation.

Missed Medication

Many older individuals take some kind of medication, and some prescriptions are more important than others. If your loved one is missing important medications, it may not be safe for them to live alone without help. Missed doses can be dangerous, but so can repeated doses if they forget they already took their medication.

If you think your loved one could use senior assistance near Orland Park, visit the website of Home & Hearth Caregivers to learn more.