Signs You Need AC Repair in Cleveland, Ohio

by | Sep 20, 2018 | HVAC Contractors

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Having a malfunctioning AC is not something anyone wants to deal with. When it comes to facing the heat of the summer months with a system that isn’t cooling as it should many people find it almost impossible to bear. This is a great reason to pay special attention when something seems to be off about your AC unit. When this happens, you need to immediately reach out for professional AC repair in Cleveland, Ohio in hopes of cooling down you and your family. Knowing the signs to look for will tip you off that something may not be quite right.


One way to be sure something isn’t quite right with your AC is leaks. When water is leaking from your unit then a professional should really inspect it. Often this means your AC may be heading to a break down. To get ahead of the issue before you find yourself without cool air, seeking out AC repair in Cleveland, Ohio is a great idea.


Often AC units start to sound differently. Unfortunately, this can often mean something is going wrong internally. If your once normally quiet AC suddenly starts to rattle and hum then you may need to reach out for AC repair in Cleveland, Ohio. A professional repair person will know if something is amiss and be able to keep your unit functioning as it should.

Won’t Turn On

The worst issue to experience in the heat of summer is an AC unit that won’t turn on at all. When you are warm and toasty and in need for a bit cool air, finding that your unit isn’t operating at all is a scary ordeal. Luckily, there are professionals out there to call for assistance such as the team at A New Image Heating and Cooling. Call them today for any of your repair needs.

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