Signs That You May Have Brake Problems

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Automotive

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Brake servicing and repair is a routine maintenance issue that simply cannot be ignored, brakes are mechanical devices and after extensive use will need service or even replacement.

Modern cars and trucks are interactive; they will give you a clear indication that brake repair in Mokena is due. At times the problem is simple and takes no time to repair while at other times the problem is more extensive.

Brakes are among the most important components on your vehicle, without fully functioning brakes you simply cannot drive. There are warning signs that your brakes need professional attention, the sooner you get repairs made, the safer your car is.

Metallic noises:

If your vehicle starts making a high-pitched metallic squeal when you put the brakes on this is a sure indication that the pads are worn to the point that the wear indicators are rubbing against the disc. It is definitely time to replace the brake pads; otherwise, you will do extensive and expensive damage to the rotors.


When the brakes are applied, and vibration is felt through the steering wheel, the cause may be an uneven brake disc or rotor. Over many thousands of brake operations the rotor surface will wear, the cause might also be rust. During brake repair in Mokena, the rotor will be turned in a lathe, smoothing the surface and eliminating any variations.

Fluid leaks:

If the brake pedal is “soft” when the brakes are applied the cause is often a leaking master cylinder or some other component in the system. The master cylinder is responsible for delivering hydraulic fluid under pressure, if there is a leak the pressure may not be sufficient to operate the brake pads.

These are only three of the most common reasons why brake repair in Mokena is necessary. Brake problems are serious, do not delay getting the problem identified and repaired.

Faulty brakes put you and any passengers in your vehicle at risk. If you are looking for an independent shop that does brake repair in Mokena you are invited to take your car to VIP Tire & Auto Centers.

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