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Sharing the Roads with the Big Rigs of Alberta

If you are working on getting your Alberta Drivers License it is a good idea to learn the importance of sharing the roads with big rigs. The roads and highways of Alberta are filled with commercial vehicles that can make driving a little more hazardous. This is because commercial vehicles have “No Zones” that make it more difficult to spot smaller vehicles due to the configuration of their larger vehicles.

The “No Zone”

The no zone makes it difficult for large trucks to spot you when you are directly in front of them or directly behind them. The front right of the cab is also a difficult area. It is easy to make the mistake they can spot you and then cause a serious accident if you are not careful. Here are some tips to help you avoid issues with large trucks:

  • The best way to judge if you are in a safe area when travelling behind a truck is to ensure you can see both of their mirrors. If you can’t see their mirrors then they cannot see you.

  • When you have to make a move when driving ahead of a truck give them more notice using your indicator and making sure they are far enough away as they take more time to stop or slow down than a car.

  • It can be hard to see what a truck wants to do when you are driving alongside them. Pay attention to their turning signals to avoid being in their way. They need more space to turn as well and can end up going into your lane when turning.

  • Keep in mind when you have to make a sudden stop behind a truck, you will be the one who suffers serious injury. Remain two car lengths away in case you have to stop suddenly so you do not risk rear ending the truck.

  • If you want to speed up because you are behind a slow moving truck make sure you estimate the time and space required. A truck is much longer than a car and you will need to have plenty of time to pass without heading into oncoming traffic. Once you pull back in front of the truck make sure you maintain your speed so they are not forced to stop or slow down suddenly.

Understanding how to drive safely with the big rigs on the road will make it easier to drive once you get your Alberta drivers license.