Settlements and the Accident Attorney in Hartford, WI

by | May 7, 2014 | Lawyers

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Many people in the Hartford area who have been seriously injured in accidents want to do everything possible to get revenge on the negligent party. They would like to get a big jury award in court. Although getting revenge like this against the responsible party may seem satisfying, it is not realistic to expect that as the outcome. Most personal injury lawsuits end up being settled out of court. There are risks for both sides to let a jury decide a case. A case that seems like a 99% chance of a win may end up being a loss after a jury verdict. That is why the accident attorney in Hartford, WI will usually settle a case rather than take it to trial.

One major problem with taking a case to trial is the expense involved in going to trial. If the accident lawyer in Hartford, WI does not believe that the client will get more money by going to trial, the client will need to pay for expenses related to going to trial. On the other hand, the victim’s attorney may suggest going to trial if a jury judgment is likely to be higher than the final settlement offer from the insurance company. However, the lawyer will want to settle the case out of court under most circumstances even though there are exceptions to that.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are not willing to pay fair settlements until insurers feel that they have a good chance of losing the case at a jury trial. This means the accident attorney in Hartford, WI will need to prepare every case as if it will go to trial. Depositions will be needed. If expert witnesses are needed to win the case, they will need to be hired. Even if there is a 99% chance that the case will be settled, the accident lawyer has to prepare for trial anyway. Clients should not expect a trial even though it seems like the lawyer is preparing for trial. Once the trial date is set, the insurance company will negotiate with the accident lawyer to settle the case for a fair amount. Of course, getting a fair settlement is contingent on the insurance company believing that they will lose a lot of money at trial. Click here to learn more about accident cases or personal injury lawsuits.

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