How to Set your Rental Property Apart from the Rest

by | Jan 15, 2015 | Real Estate

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If you have a rental property in Aurora, Colorado it can sometimes be a challenge to make your accommodations stand out from the rest. Here are a few Aurora CO Property Management tips to help your property have mass appeal:

* Name Your Home: Consider coming up with a charming name you can place on a signpost or hanging over the porch or entry of your home. By doing so you will attract attention and provide a name people can seek online. You can then have a website that has interior photos of your property and contact information for booking and inquiries.

* Curb Appeal: It is easy to have a rental property that is out of sight and out of mind. However, remember that no one is going to want to rent a property that is looking a little worse for wear. If you own a house or townhome take a look at your property and look at ways you can increase its curb appeal. Simple changes such as shutters, a new mailbox, a door knocker and a new coat of paint on your door and porch will do wonders to create a welcoming, cosy appearance to help attract tenants. Also make sure your property is shovelled in the winter and your lawn and garden is well manicured for the rest of the year.

* Interior Detail: With so much competition you want to make sure your property stands out with interior details people will find hard to ignore. Gourmet kitchens with high end appliances, comfortable beds with attractive, luxurious linens and furnishings that don’t look second hand will all add to the allure of your rental property.

* Management: If you do not live in the area consider hiring an Aurora CO property management company to keep your property in tip top shape. You might be surprised to see how quickly a rental home or condo can start to look worn and dirty. Although you might still get some tenants, once they stay they will put you on their never again list. Remember much of your business can be repeat customers who will want to come back year after year. You can have a company take care of everything from maintenance to screening tenants as well as advertising to keep your property occupied and generating revenue instead of costing you money.

These simple steps can help you set your rental property apart from the rest of the properties in Colorad.


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