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Services Provided by Local Your Veterinary Clinic in Tucson AZ

Most pet owners think of their pets as family members. When they get sick, they are taken to the vet just like you would take your child to the doctor. Part of loving your pet is choosing a good Veterinary Clinic in Tucson AZ that cares about your pets like you do. The following will cover some of the services to expect from your local veterinary clinic.

Wellness Care

Just like people need to see their doctor at least once a year for a physical, your pet needs the same preventative maintenance. A good checkup and some blood work can help prevent illness and may catch serious diseases early enough to effectively treat them.


All pets have a series of vaccines they need to prevent illnesses like kennel cough, rabies, and other illnesses. Protecting your pet from these diseases allows you to love them much longer.


If something happens to your pet that requires surgery, you want to feel comforted by the fact you have a highly qualified vet to get you and your pet through the ordeal. Just like in human medical centers, a veterinary medical center should have the latest equipment and technology for your pet.

Urgent Care

Urgent care is not life-threatening, but instead is an option you can use when you feel your beloved pet needs to see the vet before his or her next scheduled appointment. For instance, if your normally very active pet is suddenly tired, it can’t hurt to have him or her checked out at the vet. A Veterinary Clinic in Tucson AZ with urgent care services can be a great comfort to you.

24-Hour Emergency Care

You never know when your pet could get into something or fall ill suddenly. It could happen day or night. You will feel better if you have a vet that offers 24/7 emergency services. Some examples of emergencies include the ingestion of chocolate by your dog, getting hit by a vehicle, and any kind of poison ingestion.

Other services you can expect from a quality veterinary center include microchip implants, dental care, laser treatments, ultrasound, and acupuncture. The Ina Road Animal Hospital is dedicated to the health and wellness of your pets. Get additional info here.

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