Services Provided During a Dog Grooming Appointment in Murrieta, CA

by | Nov 7, 2023 | Dog Trainers

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One of the first steps in taking care of your pet is to keep them clean. If you have tried to give your dog a bath yourself, you are probably aware of how frustrating and traumatizing it can be for both of you. If you want to keep your dog looking great, consider hiring a professional for Dog Grooming Murrieta CA. They will have your dog looking and smelling better in no time. If you have never used a groomer before, you may not be aware of the various services they provide to their clients. The following is a general overview of the most requested services. Consider requesting any of these to help you keep your dog healthier and cleaner.

Hair Cut

As your dog’s hair grows, it can become tangled and knotted and leave them feeling uncomfortable. A trained Dog Grooming Murrieta CA professional will be able to remove these growths and keep them looking great. They can also offer regular maintenance service so knots and mats don’t build up over time. Make sure your dog looks and feels great by getting them a haircut today.


Whether your dog is outside a lot or is just starting to emit an unpleasant odor, you can remedy the problem by having them washed with a cleansing shampoo. No matter the cause of the odor, you can neutralize it and have your pet smelling fresh in no time. Contact a groomer today so you can discuss the types of shampoos that can help you fight your dogs unpleasant smells.

Flea Treatment

Fleas are uncomfortable for you and your pet. Even if you have started medication, it is possible for fleas to exist on the surface of their skin. Talk to a dog groomer so you can discuss the options that are available to help you reduce the amount of fleas on your pet. Don’t think you have to deal with it on your own, when you can let a professional get rid of your pet’s fleas for good.

If you are looking to have your dog groomed, make sure you consider Epic Dog Academy. Their professional and compassionate grooming staff can have your pet looking great in no time, and provide a relaxing environment that will reduce their fear and anxiety. Contact them today to schedule your appointment and give your pet a clean and beautiful coat.

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