Services offered by an Emergency Dentist in Moorsetown?

by | Oct 4, 2013 | Dental Services

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Dentists are people who study, diagnose, and treat diseases and conditions pertaining to the teeth and gums. Nobody wants to think that a dental emergency can happen to him or her. To some it may sound odd. A dental emergency is a situation where someone suffers an injury to the teeth, gums, or jaws. For example, when you have a chipped tooth or teeth knocked loose or completely out.

To prevent further damage, you need to seek the attention of a dentist or dental surgeon. Since accidents are inevitable, you should always have the phone number of a dentist at hand. If you have an oral injury, the following are services you can get from an Emergency Dentist in Moorsetown:

Repair of porcelain veneers. You may be wondering what are porcelain veneers. They are wafer thin shells made to restore the natural whiteness of the teeth by covering them. They are great for those people who have chipped or severely discolored.

Another service offered is dental implants. Some dental emergencies may include or lead to the loss of teeth. For this, dental implants are available. Dental implants are teeth with screws like posts placed within the jaw to which a replacement tooth is attached.

Porcelain crowns: When a tooth has been chipped at the crown due to accidentally biting something hard, or similar trauma, your teeth are bound to lose their strength. A porcelain crown is the best treatment as it restores the strength and appearance of the teeth.

Root canal: This kind of treatment has saved millions of teeth throughout the world. The treatment is best for teeth that have cracked and have an infection that has caused swelling of the gums.

Replacement of lost filings: Due to poor filling of teeth, you may have fillings falling out of place. If this happens to you, make sure you cover the cavity to avoid damage to the pulp and consult an Emergency Dentist in Moorsetown.

Though not generally considered an emergency, some patients may need their teeth whitened for job interview or other type of meeting in their near future. A Teeth Whitening Dentist can help with this type issue, and this service is often provided by the same dentist offering emergency services.

In conclusion, there are no doubts that the teeth are important parts of the body. Dental emergencies should be always handled seriously. Consult with your Emergency Dentist in Moorestown for injuries.

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