Services for Commercial Air Conditioning in Richmond KY

by | Aug 4, 2014 | Heating & Air conditioning

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Air conditioning systems help keep a structure cool and comfortable by providing cold air and humidity control. Air conditioning systems should also be efficient and clear of contaminants to prevent poor indoor air quality issues. Commercial Air Conditioning in Richmond KY encompasses maintenance, repairs, replacements and upgrades, new installations, and special leasing and financing for businesses. The following will discuss these services.

1) Maintenance – Servicing your commercial air conditioner is as important as servicing your automobile. As long as you keep it well-maintained and in good working order, it will last for many years. Minor repairs may be part of your maintenance plan, which prevents costly repairs later. You can save a lot of money when you maintain your commercial air unit(s).

2) Repairs – If your system malfunctions, make sure to have it repaired by a professional technician as soon as possible. This is crucial to avoiding downtime in your business operations. Quality technicians can handle small to large repairs for Commercial Air Conditioning in Richmond KY. Charging your refrigerant may be considered a minor repair service or come with additional charges with regular maintenance if needed.

3) Replacements/Upgrades – If your air conditioning unit is no longer functional and not worth repairing, the technician will recommend a replacement unit. If your commercial cooling system is outdated and inefficient, they may recommend that you upgrade it to an efficient model even if yours is in working order.

4) New Installations – If you are having a commercial structure built, you will need an air conditioning system. A professional HVAC contractor who handles Commercial Air Conditioning in Richmond KY will consult with you to determine your needs in air conditioning, provide you with a written estimate for the job, and implement it when you accept the work order.

5) Buy or Lease – You can choose to buy your air conditioning system or lease it when you choose a contractor that offers that option for commercial use. You may find that leasing comes with more benefits when you talk to a representative. Financing options will likely be offered for buying a system.

These are the five main services you can expect from your local HVAC contractor. If you own and operate a business in the Richmond area, it is wise to have a quality air conditioning contractor available to you. Jones Heating and Cooling provides all these services and more for the local community.

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