Senior Care Services: Available for the Elderly at Home, in Nursing Homes and in Hospitals

by | Aug 22, 2014 | Health Care

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When your elderly loved one needs regular care, you may feel frustrated that you can’t be there to help him or her. For many adults, balancing their jobs with caring for their families makes it difficult to provide a senior parent or grandparent with the around-the-clock care he or she needs. Fortunately, caregivers can easily provide senior care services for your loved one when you need them, thus giving you peace of mind.

Care at Home
Your elderly family member may be independent enough to live at home but still need attention and assistance with many tasks. That’s where a caregiver comes in: He or she can help with personal activities such as grooming, dressing, eating and bathing. Nurses and nursing assistants can also provide medication reminders and help seniors with mobility and cognitive impairment. They can escort your loved one for errands or to appointments, go grocery shopping and prepare meals as well.

Nursing Home Care
At times, your loved one may have to go to a nursing home or assisted living center to receive more constant care. A solid provider of senior care services can make regular visits to your family member to provide needed one-on-one attention. Caregivers are essentially patient advocates who interact with staff at the facility to provide attentive, full-service daily care. These caregiving “angels” are also dedicated to easing a senior’s transition into his or her new environment.

Hospital/Hospice Care
Caregivers are additionally available to tend to your loved one in the hospital or in hospice. In the hospital setting, they can advocate on behalf of the patient and thus make the hospital stay more positive. They will check on the patient, coordinate care with staff and translate medical terms for the senior and his or her family members. In the same way, these caregivers can work hospice team members to provide palliative and comprehensive support to seniors and families. If you choose a reputable provider of care services for seniors at home, in nursing homes and in hospital/hospice facilities, you can be confident that your elderly family member will always be treated with respect and dignity.

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