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How to Sell a Junk Car in Chicago

If you had an old and broken down car that is in the way and an eye sore, consider selling it to a junk yard so you can get quick cash on the spot. It can not only help remove the vehicle from your property, but it can give you quick cash to help you make ends meet. If you have never tried to Sell a Junk Car in Chicago, you may not know what is involved with the process and what you can expect. Before you make a decision to trade your car for cash, make sure you know what to expect so you can have the best possible experience during the process.

Transport Your Car

The first step is to get your vehicle to the junk yard. If you don’t have a way of transporting it, contact the junk yard and see if they offer towing services. Many will move your car for free if you are selling it to them for salvage. If not, call around to other towing companies and ask about rates so you can find one that will move your car for the most affordable price. You should contact Frank’s West Side Auto Parts Inc for further information.

Determine the Vehicle’s Value

Once your vehicle arrives at the junk yard, they will need to weigh it so they can determine its value. Most will pay you based on a price per 100 pounds. They will remove the tires from the vehicle before weighing it so they can get a more accurate reading of the weight of the vehicle. They will then provide you with a quote so you can determine if you are happy with the price before they cut you a check.

Sign a Release and Get Your Cash

Once you have reached an agreed upon price, they will then ask you to provide your driver’s license and sign a release. The release will state that you are the owner of the vehicle and that you are receiving money for it. They will then cut you a check.

If you are ready to trade your eye sore of a junk car for cash, make sure you contact Frank’s West Side Auto Parts Inc. They will give you top dollar for your unwanted vehicle, and even offer towing services to make getting it to their junk yard as easy as possible. Click here to learn more, and see how easy it is to turn your car into cash.

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