Sell Gold in Lincoln Park for Cash to Pay Bills

by | Jan 14, 2015 | Pawn Brokers

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Many Americans can no longer rely on banks for personal loans or credit cards. Their credit score is too low and have to look elsewhere when they need money to pay their bills. Pawn shops have often been the place that Americans could use their belongings as security for loans. Today, they also turn to pawn shops when they want to sell gold in Lincoln Park area and get cash for it. The increased value of gold, silver and other metals has turned their jewelry boxes into an investment portfolio. People have the gold lockets that their grandparents gave them or the bracelet from an old boyfriend. When they need cash, they sell a piece.

Pawn brokers make it easy and comfortable for people to sell gold in Lincoln Park. They keep their pawn shops open nights and on weekends. Gold experts are always available to appraise gold and explain the process to sellers. When a person walks into the pawn shop, they are greeted warmly. The gold appraiser will weigh the gold using a precise jeweler’s scale. He then measures the amount of gold in the jewelry. This usually ranges from 10k gold to 24k gold. Higher numbers mean that the jewelery contains more gold. The price the pawn broker is willing to pay for the gold is determined by the scrap gold price available that day.

Gold jewelery isn’t the only form of gold that pawn brokers pay cash for. Gold coins can be sold as collectibles as well as for their scrap metal prices. The pawn broker can inspect the coins and tell the owner if they have a valuable collectible. Gold watches are often passed down from generation to generation. Now that people have their phones to tell them the time, they don’t wear as many watches. Family heirlooms may also be too old-fashioned for a younger person to wear. Even gold dental fillings are worth their scrap value.

A person can Sell Gold and get cash immediately. This will allow them to pay a utility bill and avoid costly finance charges. All transactions are confidential and conducted in private. The pawn shop owner depends upon repeat business and he values his customer’s privacy.

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