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Selecting Easter Chocolate Molds

Easter is synonymous with Easter Eggs, and many people interested in making their own Easter chocolate eggs and other chocolate molds are trying to find suitable Easter Chocolate Molds. There are a wide variety of chocolate molds available on the market depending on the budget and requirement of the buyer. Some of the molds allow a single chocolate item to be made at one time while other items allow a large number of chocolate eggs and products to be made at the same time. The molds available online and offline are made from different materials like Plastic, polycarbonate and silicone rubber, which differ in their physical and thermal properties, design , pricing .

The simple Easter Egg molds are usually cheaper compared to complex molds which allow the user to make a large number of chocolate pieces at a time. The larger Easter Chocolate Molds may allow the user to make a large number of similar shaped items or may have assorted cavities in different shapes allowing the user to make chocolates in different forms like eggs, bunnies, animals. The silicone molds are increasingly popular and are made from food safe silicone. Instead of using the stamping process, the molds are manufactured using injection molding which allows the mold to have the features engraved in great detail, last for a longer period of time, and makes it more flexible.

The Easter Chocolate Molds should have a non stick surface so that the the chocolate can be easily removed after it has solidified, and can be easily cleaned. The material of the mold should be able to withstand a wide range of temperatures without disintegrating, from freezing refrigerator temperatures to baking ovens, and also be microwave safe as the hot chocolate will be poured in the molds and kept in the freezer to solidify. Buyers should ensure that the chocolate molds that they purchase comply with FDA regulations for food safety, have no additives, are tasteless, odorless, do not have any toxins.

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