Seeking Compensation for a Sexual Harassment Claim

by | Feb 20, 2013 | Lawyers

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Sexual harassment happens more often that people would like to think. It can harm the victim emotionally, and it is something that will be very hard for them to deal with. If you live in the San Diego area and have been the victim of sexual harassment, then you need to contact a sexual harassment attorney professional right away. They will review your case to determine if enough evidence is present to carry forward with the case. Nearly all sexual harassment claims stem from the workplace, although many successful cases have happened in other places.

Quid Pro Se Sexual Harassment Claims

Sexual harassment claims can fall into a couple of categories. The first one is quid pro se. This is when a boss or someone in a higher position promises an employee some type of job related perk in exchange for sexual actions or favors. This could include a promotion to a higher paying position within the company or a raise for performing sexual favor. If the employee is not compliant with the sexual demands then they could face consequences or punishment. Punishment could include being demoted or termination. This makes employees feel constantly under threat, and it is just plain wrong. An attorney should be hired immediately to help you with your claim if you have been a victim of this madness. It is their responsibility to ensure that all employees have a safe workplace environment. An attorney will inform you of your rights, and they will make the employer pay dearly if they fail to correct things in their place of business.

Sexual Harassment in a Hostile Work Environment

Another type of sexual harassment is a hostile work environment that an employee is subjected to. The sexual harassment could come from a co-worker, boss, or even an associate that is someway affiliated with the company. If your employer knows this is happening and does not to prevent it, then they are just as guilty as the party who is committing the sexual harassment. The most common types of sexual harassment in the workplace are those that have sexual references attached to them. This could include jokes, photos, innuendos or any other type of action that is sexually explicit. If these actions are prevalent or pervasive, then your employer has to put a stop to it immediately. If your employer leaves you hanging and tries to brush it under the carpet so nobody knows, then you are entitled to compensation. Sexual harassment can make people feel emotionally stressed and full of fear. Nobody should have to feel like that in the workplace where they are trying to earn a living.

For sexual harassment attorney San Diego professionals, call on the Accident Law Center. They can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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