See How Spokane Washington Residents Get Their Laundry Done Fast Jan14


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See How Spokane Washington Residents Get Their Laundry Done Fast

If you have trouble finding time to get all of your laundry done, the self-service laundry in Spokane, WA, is the answer to your problem. Modern laundry centers offer many features that allow you to finish quickly without having to skip corners like sorting colors or washing delicate separately.

Large Washing Machines

The double size front load washing machines found in a laundry service can handle large loads, and with multiple machines available, you can do several loads at the same time. This allows you to sort colors properly, wash delicates separately, and clean blankets and comforters easily.

High Capacity Dryers

Drying clothes can take longer than actually washing them. When doing laundry at home, you are often held up by waiting for the first load to dry. Laundry services have multiple extra-high capacity dryers that will get your clothes dry fast and efficiently.

Extra Space

Once you have finished your laundry, you will want to fold your clothes while they are fresh out of the dryer. This helps you avoid wrinkles, as well as the chore of ironing. The best laundry service centers offer large folding areas with plenty of counter space.

Get Started Today

When you take advantage of the self-service laundry that Spokane, WA, has available, you will be able to enjoy your free time while knowing the chore of doing laundry is done. Visit Mission Village Laundry at to learn more about how today’s modern laundry services make life easier.

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