See A Lancaster County Chiropractor Before Seeing A Dentist For TMJ Pain Causing Headache

Headaches are caused by many things, one of which is dental problems. Tooth and jaw pain cause the muscles in the mouth to tense up. This quickly spreads to the neck and head, because they’re the closest to the mouth. Tension and migraine headaches result. Why should you have a chiropractic adjustment in Lancaster County PA instead of seeing your local dentist?

The Bones And Muscles

The temporomandibular joint or TMJ is located just beneath the ears. It connects to the skull’s temporal bone. This joint facilitates talking and chewing. Teeth grinding or bruxism also happens with this joint. When the mouth or jaws hurt, the facial muscles tense up. The pain can spread to the neck, shoulders, and head.

Signs Of TMJ Pain

You’ll know to see your chiropractor when you open your jaws and feel them freeze open, hear sounds like snapping or clicking, you can’t open your mouth all the way such as you would when yawning, and pain or tightness in the jaw and muscles. If your dentist tells you your teeth are being ground down, then definitely see your chiropractor.

How Chiropractic Helps

The purpose of chiropractic is to adjust the spine to return it to its normal curvature and to relieve pain stemming from its being out of place. The muscles surrounding the spine will no longer be tense which will relieve pain.

The upper portion of the spine is called the cervical spine. It connects with the neck at the base of the skull. Chiropractic adjustment in Lancaster County PA adjusts the neck’s highest bones to relieve possible pressure on the TMJ nerves. Release this pressure and headache is no longer a problem.

You might need more than one visit to effect any lasting change along with working closely with your dentist to fix the problem once and for all. Optimum Chiropractic & Fitness can tell you more about TMJ and headache when you contact them at to learn more.

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