Schedule Management Software That Aids Event Planning

by | Feb 21, 2013 | Business And Finance

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The hospitality industry today is focused on far more than simply hotel accommodations for tourists or business visitors. A large portion of the overall revenue comes from the booking of special events from small private events in single rooms to large multi room or multi venue activities. The larger your facility or business and network of facilities, the more complex your scheduling can be. In order to help streamline the management and deployment of services to your customers, you will no doubt be looking to today’s robust scheduling software management programs for help.

Let’s say you the manager of a very large resort facility in a high profile tourist area. Your hotel features a large number of hotel rooms but also a great number of facilities for different events. Booking out the event rooms largely ends up determining the bookings for your hotel rooms so this becomes a primary focus for your business. You may have multiple large groups on your site at a given time or some coming in within a day of the others leaving. Of course you will need to ensure there are no problems such as double-bookings, incorrect booking dates or lack of appropriate facilities on specific event dates for certain customers and more. Schedule management software can do this and more.

The hospitality industry today provides far more than simply space for special events. There are very often requests and needs for special equipment that can be as basic as tables and chairs to more complex items such as video conference equipment, special stages or lighting and more. The more you are able to provide this, the better you can serve your customers. Some of your facility’s rooms will offer such higher end features and others will not. This is a great example of how schedule management software can be a big boost to your business because it can help you manage room availability not simply by room size but also by room feature and amenities. This helps you and your staff to more appropriately identify which room or rooms to direct people to for their events and ensures that you do not book a room meant for 400 people for an event of only 100 and then you have to turn away another event on the same day for 350 people because your room is booked. Your schedule management software can tell you to put the smaller group in another room to start and then you can also accommodate the larger group as well. You will never be sorry for the investment in technology to help you get the most out of your hospitality business.

When you need to plan resources and facilities, look for Rendezvous to help you. You will be able to effectively identify and manage all activities for a large number of rooms and associated features with a good schedule management software program.

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