Safety For Stolen Gun Items

by | Jun 11, 2013 | Jewelry

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If you have never been to a gun shop in Marietta GA, you will find it has a few key differences than other stores. First off, when you park in the lot, you will see the store is surrounded by concrete pilings. These are constructed to prevent thieves from breaking into the store by plowing through the front door or wall with their cars. The front door may lead to a vestibule that will not open into the main area until the shop proprietor can get a look at you. All the merchandise, particularly the ammunition, is carefully stored. Regardless of any Hollywood shows, there is no opportunity to “try out the merchandise” by blasting your way out of the store. Often, cell phones are not allowed, in order to prevent the fraud where a credit card is checked through a number leading to the customer’s phone. In other words, you will find yourself in a store with the merchandise that criminals desire the most. The security will rival that of a bank.

ews is that shopping in a gun shop in Marietta GA is no problem for honest citizens. In fact, customers can be confident that they can exercise their constitutional right to bear arms with enough controls to frustrate those who would abuse their privileges. One of the important ways this is done is to control potential problems with stolen rifles or pistols.

One reason stolen arms are such a problem is that they are always in high demand, which makes them easy to sell. The distribution of stolen goods is known as fencing, and is a serious criminal activity. Unfortunately, it is also a very lucrative activity. When fencing involves firearms, it is also an activity that quickly places weapons in the hands of those who should not have them.

Part of any gun control, particularly with firearms commonly used in crime such as pistols, must limit the accessibility of those who can purchase guns. Minors and felons should never have access to guns, either through stores or through their parents’ gun cabinet. Of course, many felons would dearly love to get their hands on a gun, and with the purchasing controls of legitimate gun shops in place, the preferred way is to purchase stolen goods.

To limit this activity, a gun shop in Marietta GA may ask for verification of your identification. This is just one of the measures that helps keep our streets safe.

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