Safely Removing the Signs of Spider Veins

by | Jul 21, 2015 | Healthcare

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Previously, you may have been using makeup or clothing to hide the signs of spider veins. Many individuals find them to be unsightly and try to avoid anyone noticing them. As a result, various options are searched for which could make the issue disappear or remedy itself. There is a medical treatment which could be a viable option to offer spider veins removal quickly and easily. It’s called sclerotherapy, and it’s been a known practice since the 1930’s. It can be performed within an hour at a dermatologist or specialized vein medical center. Depending on your age and health, multiple vessel clusters can be treated in a single visit.

Spider Vein Appearance and Causes

The cluster of blood vessels just under the surface of the skin is normally seen along with varicose veins. They can appear in the arms, buttocks, hands and back area, but are most common on the legs and around the knee or ankles. Some people may look into spider veins removal if the cluster appears on the arms or face, or another area of the body where cosmetic happiness is affected. The actual appearance of the cluster of vessels just under the skin does not bring any additional medical issues with it, but it can still alter the self-esteem of various individuals. For more information on how these vessels are formed, and how they can be treated, potentially interested individuals can visit This site provides information on the hereditary occurrence and treatment methods of both large and small vein clusters.

Spider Veins Sclerotherapy

This medical procedure involves injecting a saline solution right into the troublesome veins. Pain and discomfort is kept to a minimum, though some patients may experience a slight tightness in the area being treated. All areas of the body are potentially treatable, and it will depend on the current and past health of the individual, as well as their age. Pregnant women and anyone who may have had a blood clot in the previous year are rarely accepted for sclerotherapy treatments. A consultation with the doctor will take place well in advance of the treatment to be sure you can have it done safely, and will be able to recover fully. Vessels can be reduced in size and appearance within two months after treatment, and many patients notice a 100% disappearance of the previous issue.

Don’t continue living with unsightly spider or varicose veins; come to the Vein Specialty Medical Clinic for spider veins removal today!

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