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A Roofing Contractor in Orland Park Can Work on More than Just Roofs

Most people think of a roofing contractor in Orland Park as a company that just installs new roofs and repairs old ones, but in reality, a proper contractor can do far more jobs that are related to this part of the house. One such job is the installation of gutters, which help direct water away from the edge of the roof and down to a safe discharge point. Gutter maintenance and repair may also be handled by roofing companies.

Other non-roof jobs done by companies like Mueller Roofing, Inc. include installing fascia, soffits, and even siding. One thing in common with all of these jobs is that they require the help of a company that has a crew that knows how to work in high places and has the equipment to get up to those places. Since roofers already have these crews, high ladders, and equipment for nailing and otherwise attaching materials to homes, it stands to reason that they are able to branch out and do other home improvement jobs as well as the ones their companies are named for.

Of course, a roofer in Orland Park can also live up to its title. If you want a residential roof reshingled, they can take care of the job in just a couple of days as long as it doesn’t rain. They can also renovate homes that need entirely new roofs due to catastrophic damage to the roof deck or because rot has claimed the old supporting structure. A full new roof costs more than reshingling, but it is definitely a better alternative than letting the entire structure go because of widespread roof damage.

Businesses are also served by a good roofing contractor in Orland Park. Companies often have flat roofs, but they may also use a roof with a low pitch or even a high peak. An experienced company can easily deal with all of these variations to give commercial customers exactly what they want and need. Repairs to existing roofs are also possible, so a company may be able to avoid needing an entire new roof if damage is fixed in time.