The Roof Installation and Repair in Puyallup is a Good Source for Re-roofing Information

by | Feb 14, 2014 | Roofing

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If your roof needs repairs to protect the home from water coming in through the roof, then you should call an experienced roofer to check the roof for problem areas which you cannot see from the ground. There could be shingles missing, shingles which are turned up allowing water to blow underneath, and nails missing. The shingles may have been installed with the wrong spacing which would allow leaks over time.

Another frequent problem with the roof is the flashing wearing and cracking. The sealer used around the edges of the flashing, the chimney, and the vents will crack and break apart leaving more areas for leaks. The sun is damaging to sealant over time. Roof Installation And Repair in Puyallup can provide advice on managing these problems.

The wind can dislodge the starter strip of shingles which will be an opening for the wind to blow rain under these shingles. Another problem area for shingles are those which form the V-shaped leak barrier where the roof meets the dormer. These will often crack or become loose allowing rain to penetrate the decking. The ridge cap shingles wear and allow wind to blow the rain underneath and into the attic through the opening created for a vent.

If your roof is older, then there may be too many problems to make repair feasible. There are many new roofing materials on the market which will last a long time and look great on your home while protecting the inside from rain. Roof Installation And Repair in Puyallup, WA is a good source for help in selecting roofing from among:

1. Composition roofing which is a type of asphalt shingle made up of weathering-grade asphalt, a fiber glass reinforcing mat, mineral granules and an adhesive strip to help secure the shingle.

2. Tile roofing is made of clay in either a flat or a half-circle shape.

3. Metal roofing is available in several colors and it wears well when maintained.

4. Cedar shake roofing is made from split logs with the finest grade shake being used for roofing.

5. Roof Installation And Repair in Puyallup, WA is a good source of information on these re-roofing services:

6. Tear offs and haul away

7. Complete clean-up

8. Gutters and downspouts

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