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Oftentimes when people are decorating a new home or attempting to refresh their existing one, the last thing on their mind to-do list are the windows. They worry about paint, carpeting or flooring, furniture, bedding, appliances and light fixtures. However, if the budget is a concern (and unless you’re Donald Trump, it’s unusual if it isn’t), the before you invest hundreds to thousands on everything else, consider dressing your windows first.

Some like roman window shades can go a long way towards renewing your outlook on an entire room, without having to do much else. Whether it’s a flat roman shade, relaxed roman shade, cascade roman shade, aventura roman shade, pleated roman shade, chances are you can find a style that fits your current décor. Once you adorn your room with roman window shades, you might think twice about changing anything else, as it could be that having this finishing touch at the beginning changes your whole view – from the inside out.

And should you choose to put a lining on your roman window shades, you’ll have the added bonus of ensuring your privacy from the outside world and added energy efficient benefits. A lining can help protect your furniture, wallpaper, paint, carpet and hard word floors from fading or fraying over time, and it can help lower your heating and A/C bills, which is also good for the planet.

Next time you’re looking to decorate (or re-decorate), put your windows first on your list and it might be the last thing you need to do.

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