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Roll-Up Garage Doors Repair and Maintenance

Do you have a roll-up garage door? Are you having problems with it and do you think it needs to be repaired? A roll-up garage doors repair is not that difficult if you have the right experience, and here are some ways that you can try to repair your roll-up garage door.

Common Problems and Fixes

One of the main things you can try to do for a roll-up garage doors repair is trying to re-tension it. It’s actually pretty easy. There are many videos online that you can watch for assistance or, if you’re not much of a do-it-yourself person, a serviceman can do it relatively cheaply.

Another common problem is mice chewing on the rubber or messing up the springs that make the roll-up garage door function. This is also quite an easy and cheap fix. All you need is some mouse traps for the main problem, and the materials to fix the rubber or springs are relatively cheap.

Other Maintenance Tips

You will want to make sure that your roll-up garage doors operate properly for years to come! One good tip is to readjust the spring tension once every other month. This will help the garage doors move properly for years to come. Another thing you can do is to readjust the train brackets, too. This will keep the wheels from sticking, which would make the doors roll up more slowly or get stuck.

Roll-up garage doors don’t really need a ton of maintenance, but when they do it’s normally a common fix. If you are having problems with your roll-up garage doors, check these common problems. If you think that there is a different and more complex problem, you can visit us website for more information. You can also schedule an appointment for a serviceman to come out and look at them. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.