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The Role of the Prophet in the Modern World

Many Christians do not realize that there are still many prophets walking among us in the modern world. Master Prophet Bishop Jordan receives messages from God and his role is to provide personal prophecies to aid you in overcoming struggles as well as finding a path closer to God to find happiness in your life. The prophet in the modern world often chooses to help individuals find their way during times of difficulty but can also assist those seeking guidance in specific issues in life from finance to career and love to family life.

Guidance and Clarity

Prophecy has always existed as God’s way to speak to us. If you find you are praying to God and feel you do not understand his answers Master Prophet Bishop Jordan can assist you. He can provide you with a personal prophecy that will give you the information you are seeking with a message from God that will provide you the guidance you need to overcome difficulties in your life. Prophet Jordan is a gifted prophet who concentrates his efforts on listening to God and communicating his messages clearly to you so you are able to understand the next step God wishes you to take in your life. You will feel your soul and heart is lighter knowing God wants you to be happy.

Strength from Prayer

Master Prophet Bishop Jordan believes in the power of prayer and encourages you to use prayer following your personal prophecy to get even more insight into God’s message. He understands that you may seek further comfort knowing God has spoke directly to you and will want to offer thanks to God for providing you with information that will help you live a happier life. God wants you to be happy, but you have to reach out to him and open your heart so he can shower you with his love. Your faith is the bond that keeps you close to God. Your personal prophecy is proof of God’s love for you. You can receive regular personal prophecies to follow God’s wishes step by step or seek assistance for a special problem or challenge in your life and feel the strength of God’s love for you through his words and direction.

Using a free prophecy from Master Prophet Bishop Jordan can help you find answers to your prayers and guidance from God.