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The Rising Popularity of AEDs in Schools

Heart conditions do not cease depending on where a person happens to be. Children are also inflicted with heart conditions. That is why it is important for schools to be prepared for sudden cardiac arrest if it should happen to a student or school personnel. AEDs for schools are extremely important. Every school should be equipped to handle cardiac emergencies. People of all ages and fitness levels can suffer from cardiac arrest and normally without any warning. Having an automated defibrillator device on hand ensures that a school is ready to perform emergency services until an ambulance arrives. Most staff members in public schools have been trained in CPR, and this is just as important since CPR is the first step with resuscitation. An AED offers guidance and support, as well as the possibility to use an electronic shock to revive someone.

High Quality AEDs save Lives

When an AED system of high caliber is available in schools, it can give bystanders the ability to administer CPR with significant results that increase the successfulness of a shock if it needs to be administered. AEDs are particularly useful during sporting events, where injuries are more likely to happen. Whether students are playing on athletic fields or in gymnasiums, having an AED system on location helps save lives. More schools are ensuring they have AEDs in place to combat emergencies. In most schools, staff members are undergoing CPR training, and school boards are allowing the purchase of AEDs to ensure that emergency situations are handled in the best manner possible.

Sporting Activities Require Special AED Considerations

Although the use of AEDs in schools has not become a mandate for every state, the use of these life saving devices has increased. Sporting events have seen more use from AEDs, and in some cases the devices have saved the lives of students who have suffered from sudden cardiac arrest while playing.
AEDs located in schools or taken to sporting events allow for peace of mind should someone pass out.
Sports tend to be very rough and tumble activities that can cause people to go into cardiac arrest if they have unknown heart conditions. AEDs are relatively affordable, so there is no reason that every school in the country shouldn’t have them on hand.