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Reviewing Procedures With A Workers Compensation Lawyer In Port St. Lucie, FL

In Florida, worker’s compensation is offered when an employee is injured in the workplace or off-site work-sites. Insurance benefits are secured after the worker’s eligibility is established. All employers are required to purchase the insurance if they hire more than one worker. A workers compensation lawyer in Port St. Lucie, FL assists injured workers.

The Accident Assessment

The employer must conduct an assessment of the accident and their worker. If the worker is injured, the employer must send him or her to the ER for a medical evaluation. The employer must review all surveillance footage and determine what caused the accident. All forms required for the insurance claim must be filed with the insurer quickly.

The Findings of the Claim

The claim’s adjuster is assigned to the case to investigate. The adjuster must determine if the accident meets the qualifications of the policy terms. Next, the worker and their actions are evaluated, and the adjuster determines if the worker failed to follow company policies. Any violations such as drugs or alcohol screening failures forfeit the worker’s rights to benefits.

What Benefits are Provided to Workers?

The injured workers receive full medical coverage for any treatment associated with their accident. Any ongoing treatments while the patient recovers are covered under the policy, too. The worker receives monetary benefits to replace wages until he or she is cleared to return to work.

What Do Workers Do If They Are Denied?

An injured worker can file a legal claim or against their employer and the insurer. The case must include evidence showing that the accident wasn’t the worker’s fault. Medical records outlining the worker’s injuries are also needed. Witnesses that saw the accident are subpoenaed to testify about the accident.

In Florida, worker’s compensation insurance is required by federal law for all companies with more than one worker. The coverage applies to any worker-related injuries that weren’t the fault of the employee. The insurance offers payment for medical requirements and benefits for wage replacement. Workers who want to start a legal claim are encouraged to contact a workers compensation lawyer in Port St. Lucie, FL and schedule an appointment right now.

Has your Workers Compensation claim been denied? You need a workers comp attorney or Social Security attorney to increase your chances of success on appeal. Matheson & Horowitz offer personal representation and your attorney will handle your case, not a paralegal.

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